Our Mission:

  • Developing community relations through the emergence of Indonesian Three Magnolias. Through an emphasis on education and trade skills in West Java, Indonesia, we are working to improve quality of life for children and women.

  • Encouraging the participation of the Indonesian people to be able to eradicate illiteracy.

  • Bridging the gap between the capable and the incapable through education.

  • Providing a school facility for the disadvantage area of focus at kindergarten level children.

With a slogan, 

“Women and Children’s Education for a Better Life”,

 ITM was formed chiefly for two reasons;

First is for the love of our home country and commitment to working for its advancement throughout our lives. Outside of Indonesia, ITM is involved in fundraising activities that not only introduce the great cultural riches of the Indonesian heritage, but also promote a good image of Indonesia on the international stage.

Second, we believe that education plays an active role in generating confidence, self-esteem and the ability to appreciate ourselves for the better future.

ITM in USA and Tiga Cempaka in Indonesia collaborated to achieve a single goal to fully commit to help the Labuan people.

Note: ITM in USA and Tiga Cempaka in Indonesia reserved The Organization Proposal Documentation and will be made available to those interested and will be more than willing to share upon request.