ITM Summer Highlights of 2019

YAYASAN TIGA CEMPAKA SUMMER HIGHLIGHTS was done by the great effort of Nuri Auger, ITM President, and the many wonderful friends and family that have supported the cause. Thank you.

ITM Kindergarten Graduation Event 2019.png

ITM Kindergarten graduation event 2019

The release event of tk three cempaka tingkat b. Thank you for the guests of the invitation who have been a present.

ITM Gardening & Planting Training 2019.png

ITM Gardening & Planting Training 2019

Counseling from Hanny's mother and Mr. Syarif about the garden and plants. Thank you.

ITM Planting 2019_  Dragon Fruit.png

ITM Planting 2019:

Dragon Fruit

The process of making dragon fruit garden, here at the Yayasan Tiga Cempaka vicinity.