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“Indonesian Three Magnolias” mission is to help women and children education for a better quality of life. Our organization current focus is Located on the beautiful West Java coastal community of Desa Karangsari, Labuan, Banten, Indonesia.  Our facility is called “Yayasan Tiga Cempaka” which is a school for mothers and kindergarten children (ages 3-5 years old).

Yayasan Tiga Cempaka is serviced by the work of Indonesian Three Magnolias and Tiga Cempaka operators who continue to educate women and children of Labuan Banten, until the tsunami which occurred on December 21st 2018.

The tsunami destroyed our current yayasan extensively.  Ocean water along with its debris damaged the school and overall facility and grounds.  The interior damage included the mother’s kitchen area, classrooms, sections of the buildings infrastructure and everywhere surrounding the yayasan complex. The devastation was a setback for us, however we continue to be determined more than ever and to continue to work harder to keep our goal.

Indonesian Three Magnolias and Tiga Cempaka operators will continue to help the community around the yayasan also by donating temporary food supplies until the community are able to get back to their quality of life prior to the tsunami.  We also plan to reconstruct the Yayasan Tiga Cempaka facility and programs to be more stronger and more resilient by providing the yayasan clear and achievable set of life knowledge tools and education goals.

Your help and donation will make a great deal of impact to this community, and the goal that we are striving to keep going and to keep fighting for women and children education so that they can have a better life now than ever, in one community at a time, and one nation at a time.

Thank you, ITM Team.

Click the above video to watch the women and children of YAYASAN TIGA CEMPAKA


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